Precision Commercial Truck & Bus Body, Paint, and Fabrication Specializing in Truck Body, Collision, Frame & Extension Work

  • Box Trucks, Flatbeds, Reefer Units
  • Tractors, Dump Trucks, Construction Units
  • School Buses, Coaches, RV’s
  • Fire Trucks, Medic Ambulances
  • Fleet Vans & Pick-Ups
  • Disposal & Garbage Truck
  • Frame Straighten, Extension, Move – 3rd axle
  • Lift Gates, Arms, Booms (Repair, Add, Remove)
  • Body Conversions (Flatbed to Box, Box to Flatbed)
  • Box Removal & Replacement
  • Computerized Truck Painting
  • Fiberglass Repair & Fabrication
  • Cab Swaps & Wiring
  • And Anything Else You Can Think Of

Servicing trucks and buses throughout the Central Valley.